• Address:Head Office: 906 Taikun Plaza, Jiaxing Zhejiang China
  • Zipcode:314001
  • Email:sales@tomco.cn
  • Tel:0573 - 8209 8998
  • Fax:0573 - 8359 1018
about us

       We are a China-based grower/processor and commercial trading/marketing development company for fruits and vegetables products with  more than 20 years experience. We have developed quality control systems and practices in our factories at south and north of China(to do tropical and continental fruits and vegetables) what are in the expectations of all our clients in China and overseas. We are growing as a grower/supplier of quality fruits and vegetables. Finished products can be supplied in chilled, frozen marinated of dehydrated forms, also canned and freezer-dried products. Our main products are broccoli, cauliflower, bamboo, pea pods, asparagus, pepper, strawberry, green beans, spinach, mango, pineapple and other fruits and vegetables. Our grocery division also deals with other products like Candler, small electronics and plastics etc. We have being implementing many new qualities Improvements, we have developed quality control systems and practices which are in the expectations of all our clients in China and overseas.
        Our primary functions are that of a farmer/processor and exporting company,enabling us to participate in the facilitation of service development through hands on commitment andimplement the costs of effective planning and ongoing marketing support for Chinese fruits and vegetable products.
        Our major markets are in Europe and North American, but we are steadily developing our market in other parts of the world. We would like to establish a reliable agency relationship with people who are also experienced in this industry.We have developed quite well in Australia market on our fresh fruits and vegetables since 2006.
        We thank you for your time to visit our page and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future with any views you may have,good or bad, on cooperation and service regarding quality fruits and vegetables from us. Our product list and prices along with packaging and delivery details can be dispatched as long as
you leave a message to us.

       At the date of June 22, 2009 we corporated to the new company TOMCO Produce Group Co.,Limited. again specialises in all sectors of the agricultral industries, these includes: Frozen produce, fresh produces, cut flowers and canneries.Our offices in Australia,. Canada and US look after all deliveries and arrivals of products over there.

       Yes, it’s TOMCO, your partner in China for fruits and vegetables. At the meantime we are proud to inform you that our Flower department is also offering various fresh cut flowers at your options, leave a message to this department for latest offers. We only give offers from our own orchards.